We got our start in 1982 where our journey began by working in a retail meat market. From that moment our passion for learning everything we could in the meat world grew. Cutting steaks, roasts, and grinding meat was just the beginning.  As our knowledge grew so did our passion, including the art of blending spices for the different meats we worked with. Eventually we owned and operated our own old-fashioned custom meat processing plant. Thats when we applied our previous experiences and knowledge turning wild game into some of the best summer sausage and snack sticks you would eat.

Wyld Seasoning was developed from our love of smoking and cooking.  Understanding the flavors and how they complement the meats assures the perfect results. This is the reason behind the development of this collection of spices. Our smoking and cooking has won us 2 World BBQ Championship titles and hundreds of State Championships.  The amount of flavor you will get with our products shows the respects for the time you have put into your hunt. 

"34 years in the meat business and running my own meat processing plant. Has inspired me to combine these great flavors for the hunter"

Butcher BBQ