Making your own sausage takes a bit of an investment to truly make it where the whole family can join in and enjoy. You need a meat grinder and a sausage stuffing machine, but the results are well worth the time and effort. Not only will your sausage be tasty, using the WYLD Seasoning products will ensure the exact taste you want. What's more, you'll have plenty of sausage to go around. Each jar makes ten pounds of sausage. 

The Summer Sausage Kits can be made into summer sausage logs for crackers, meat and cheese trays or snack sticks for the easy grab and go food.  

Using the Summer Sausage Kits

Cold Meats
  1. Select the meat you want to use in your sausage. If your using venison keep in mind that adding a little pork fat will help ensure moisture while giving the spices something that will help enrich your sausage.  If you choose to go this way we recommend no more than 20% of the weight be pork fat. So for 10 pounds of venison you need 2 pound of fat.  If you have chosen some all ready ground meat be sure its not to fatty and you can skip some parts in the next few steps. 

  2. Select the type of casing you will be using. For example a fibrous casing for summer sausage and an edible casing for snack sticks. To prep the fibrous casing soak them in hot water for 30 minutes before using. No prep is needed for the collagen casing.

  3. Prepping the grinder and stuffing machine.  Not only do they need to be clean they need to be very cold.  Pre-plan for this and do these steps before getting any meat out to grind.  Place this equipment and bowls you will be using in the freezer for a couple hours so they will be remain cold thru the grinding process. Repeat as often as needed till finished grinding.  

  4. Choose the proper size of holes for your meat grinder to be used. Small holes are used for the sausage that will have very little texture and will be the simplest to chew. Medium holes is the most common for sausage and will give homemade style texture and chew when cooked.  Large holes are mostly used for dry sausage or even making fresh stew meat. For summer sausage or snack sticks we recommend using a 2 step grinding method. The first time you grind the meat use a 3/8 size hole and for the second grind use a 1/8 size hole.

  5. Cut your meat and fat up into sizes your grinder will work with. Most will be about 1 inch.  Mix the meat and fat up so it is ground like 3 pieces of meat then 1 piece of fat.  

  6. In your bowl that your newly ground meat is in, pour in the amount of summer sausage flavoring and cure needed for this amount of meat.  If you have a lean meat like only venison it is highly recommended that at this point you add 2 quarts of ice cold water. This will make your mixture soupy like, but not to worry it will cook away in that process. What this does is make it much easier to stuff. If you have add 20% pork fat cut this down to 2 pints. Hand mix till you see all the seasoning thoroughly blended. If you can use a mixer, it is recommended verses hand mixing.  This will allow the protein extraction to happen much faster. You will know this has happened when the meat gets very sticky. 

  7. Your choice of how you want to eat the sausage comes in to play now. If your doing summer sausage its time to remove the fibrous casing from the water for stuffing. Using a stuffing machine or choose a hand held stuffer for this method. When doing this do your best to make sure no air pockets gather in the casing with the meat. You can puncture the casing to release any if needed.  

  8. If you choose to make snack sticks place the snack sticks casing on the stuffing machine or hand held stuffer.  When making snack stick you can make 1 continuous long strand of sausage till you run out of meat or need to add more casing on the machine.  Once your done with that its time to make the length of snack sticks you want. Consider a few things for this. What will fit into your smoker/cooker the best and not have any wasted space, how do you plan on storing it, and for just handling it raw.  A simple spinning method will work fine for making the proper lengths. Something to think about is just leaving the sticks longer and cutting them when cooked.  

  9. Let the sausage set over night so the cure can work properly. This will allow all those wonderful spices to melt into the meat for full flavor also.

  10. A great rule to use, but not absolute on cooking is cook for the 1 hour at 125* fully opened damper, 1 hour at 140* (add smoke here), 2 hours at 155*, 175* till the internal temp is 160*.

  11. When this complete place the sausage in a water shower for 15 minutes.  Refrigerate when completed.

  12. Keep in mind before and after smoking/cooking that this product will need to be kept refrigerated. These sausage spices will not keep it from spoiling when out of refrigeration.  Use with in 5 days and freeze the rest in a vacuum packed bag. You will have it for a year long enjoyment.  

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