Frequently asked questions

Do I need to keep my cooked sausage refrigerated?

Yes, our seasoning does not have the ability to make your meat shelf stable.

What is the differance in Summer Sausage and Snack Sticks?

Most commonly its the size of the stick being cooked and the with snack sticks you eat the casing that is on it. Where in Summer Sausage you don't.

How much and why should I add fat to my meat to for better flavor?

When you are making homemade sausage, you want a fat percentage of 20% or more. The fat helps the seasoning stay in your mouth and on your tongue giving a better flavor and allowing it to linger longer. Fat also gives the snack stick a more pleasing texture and prevents it from drying up.

Should I keep my steaks and chops cold before grilling?

Contrary to popular opinion keeping your meat cold before grilling will allow you to get a the char on the outside with out over cooking the inside. Getting your grill hot enough will help also.

Can I add to my order after check out?

Sorry to say its not possible. For your security the credit card companies will not allow anyone to reopen your account. This is a good thing.

Whats the steps in making summer sausage?

Visit our summer sausage making page for full instructions. Click Here

How do I make bratwurst?

Visit our instruction page on making bratwurst. click here